Retirement Plans for Public Safety Personnel

The Tactical Planning Group


DROP, public safety pension and/or your department’s 457 Deferred Compensation plan can provide the financial resources for a secure and comfortable retirement. How these funds are invested and managed are the difference between a successful, comfortable retirement and a volatile, insecure one.


is a program that provides public safety personnel access to a lump sum benefit in addition to their monthly pension when they retire.


plans are a public safety department’s version of 401(k). You make pre-tax contributions into a retirement account and select from the different investment choices available. The funds will grow tax deferred until you retire and withdraw them.

When you retire, you want these funds to provide a secure and predictable source of income for the rest of your life. But how should you invest the funds? Do you already have an investment plan? Are you satisfied with its performance? Is it meeting your goals? How much income will you need for the rest of your life?

Some law enforcement and fire fighters are exposed to the basic principles of investing, but not necessarily domestic and international stocks and bonds, ETFs, REITs, commodities, or asset classes. They usually are unfamiliar with risk tolerance, Modern Portfolio Theory or strategic investment objectives. Sometimes, first responders do it themselves or even work with an unqualified individual.

We are DROP and 457/Deferred Compensation specialists. We are experienced investment advisor representatives who monitor and review our clients’ portfolios with them. We will show you how to make decisions about the investments in your retirement plans, how to prepare to retire and how to help keep your money. We will prepare an Investment Policy Statement for you that will be the guide for you investment decisions.

The Tactical Planning Group

 will give you a free/no obligation consultation. Our analysis will help you identify what type of investor you are, review your current strategies and see if you are meeting your goals and objectives.